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Sophie Matisse – Name Brand

By:  Michael D. McClellan | If her last name grabs hold of you, it’s because Sophie Matisse is the great-granddaughter of Henri Matisse, widely regarded as the greatest colorist of the twentieth century and rivaled only by Pablo Picasso in the importance of his innovations.  Matisse’s Fauvism turned convention on its head, the short-lived movement […]

Q&A: Travis Freeman, Real-Life Inspiration Behind the Movie ’23 Blast’

By:  Michael D. McClellan |  Imagine:  You’re twelve years old, and you wake up one morning and you’re completely blind.  Now, imagine finding the courage to rise up and continue following your dream to play high school football.  If it sounds like the stuff of movies you’re on the right track; 23 Blast opens on 600 […]

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