Ben Johnson – Seoul Man

By:  Michael D. McClellan | Ben Johnson won’t say it but I will:  It’s time to get off the man’s back.  He’s paid for his sins in triplicate while other cheaters have skated, some of them holding onto vast fortunes, hallowed records and adoring fans that number in the millions.  Pete Rose sits on baseball’s periphery, hawking […]

Tamar Slay – Amazing Grace

By:  Michael D. McClellan | Adversity is a funny thing.  Some, when faced with it, cave, quit, or run for cover.  They shrink from its white hot glare, choosing to use it as a crutch or an excuse, often electing to play the victim card and then spending a lifetime going on about what might have been.  […]

Clyde Drexler – Glide Time

By:  Michael D. McClellan | What is it about nicknames that endear us to our sports heroes so?  This isn’t a relatively new phenomena, unlike the tattoo craze that, in recent years, has inked both athletes and fans alike.  Nor are nicknames specific to race, culture, creed, or even the sports that we follow with such crazed […]

Desmond Mason – Paint Baller

Leonardo da Vinci once said that art is never finished, that is only abandoned.  Desmond Mason, burgeoning artist with an emphasis on abstract expressionism, he of the 10-year NBA career punctuated with the bold brushstroke that is victory in the 2001 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, quickly concurs with the genius painter behind the world’s most […]

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Top Gun

By:  Michael D. McClellan | 38,387…. It’s a number that stands alone, one that towers, unyielding, above all others in NBA history.  It represents twenty years of sustained excellence, 1,560 nights of competing against the world’s best, 57,446 minutes worth of memories, mysteries and milestones.  Four other players have crossed the 30,000 career scoring threshold to […]

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